Bobby Vamp Calabrese... (vamprocker) wrote in shrunknheadkids,
Bobby Vamp Calabrese...

Newest CALABRESE Death-Rock t-shirt design!

We have assembled the High Council of Death Rock and Roll, and have chosen one lucky winner for the free tattoo at Inkbomb in Chandler, AZ! We put all the entries into a hollowed out pumpkin, blindfolded ourselves, recited delirious, satanic incantations and randomly pulled Tiffany from Mesa as the winner. Not only will we send Tiffany the gift certificate for the free tattoo from Inkbomb, but we are also sending her a copy of "13 Halloweens" for tattoo inspiration!

We're sorry not all of you could win, but to ease your growing, desperate pain, we are now selling our newest GLOW IN THE DARK t-shirt...

...the "Hypno Skeleton!"

Click the link below to gain access to your new, favorite rock and roll shirt!

Once again, this shirt will cost you a mere $10 (+ $3 for shipping and envelope!) and will guarantee you all sorts of eerie stares as you cruise the streets at night! The shirts won't be ready until the middle of the month, but we will accept pre-orders ASAP! Also, when you order the "Hypno Skeleton" t-shirt you get a signed drumstick from Davey Calabrese (while supplies last!)
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