Bobby Vamp Calabrese... (vamprocker) wrote in shrunknheadkids,
Bobby Vamp Calabrese...

All hell breaks loose!

Hey, vamps, it looks like we've got a slew of rock and roll shows coming up. Unfortunately, they're pretty much all 21 and over, so if you're under the legal drinking age, you're shit outta luck!;)

But really, if you've got any friends, family, enemies, human figments of your imagination who are over 21, let them know about these shows. Do it! Do it for ROCK AND ROLL!

A no cover charge, no holds barred, rock and roll extravaganza! This is a 21 and over show, so fake ID's are encouraged! Muahaha!

Be there...

...or else you've got seven days to live!

Okay, this one is going to be pretty killer. Five bands, three bucks and all the buckets of blood you can handle! 21+

Be there...

...or cease to exist!

Alright, we'll see you around, demon rockers!


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